Southsea Weekend Away
24th November 2017

Some pictures are courtesy of Maurice

It was well cold waiting for the coach

Back at the Royal Beach Hotel again

Southsea Pier is open after refurbishment

Sunset over the IOW

Richard Palmer was our Friday Act

Deb's, on left, is in full song

Rare partner dancers

Sunrise over the IOW

Just up Mike's street

Beautiful albeit very cold Saturday to go exploring, starting with the 
Dockyard at Portsmouth >

< From HMS Vistory to HUGE Aircarft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

Then on the Ferry to Gosport and the Submarine Museum >

< Well worth a visit if you've 
never been there

Gosport Road with a checkered past!

Hadn't moved from the bar all day

Nor had these 

Wonder who that Red wine belongs to 

Always the same faces where 
booze is available 

Saturday night was fancy dress, M&M were certainly a tasty duo

Queen Vistoria aka Sue fancied a nibble

Paul Bailey was our Saturday Act

A very cold Sunday to go exploring, starting with the Catamaran over to
Ryde on the IOW

St John's Road Station, Ryde

Amazing what you come across

View from Ryde looking over
to Portsmouth

Time to head back to the Catamaran and the warmth of the Hotel

Last look at Ryde before enduring that very cold windy walk up the pier

Cheyenne on Sunday

I'm not going to say a thing!

I find the lack of booze quite amazing

Carol had a busy night and fallen asleep

Maurice the photographer

No escaping the camera Francine