Spring Weekend Away
in Bournemouth at the
Durley Dean Hotel
18th - 21st March 2016
Kind thanks to Maurice for supplying some of these pictures

Kelly McCall performed
 on the Friday Night

Steve, in hat, will do anything to
dodge a photo shot

Now, there's a surprise!

Dave appears to have lost something!

Back to school on Saturday Night

With Billy Bubba King

Don't they look the part!

Mmmm wonder who this could be?

Trust a 'real' schoolgirl to turn up


I rather feel Val has just been told
off by Headmistress Gillian

Pat with her off the shoulder number

Where you hidden all the real booze then?

I knew Fluff would end up
catching a bug!

The view from Canford Cliffs which is
miles and miles away by foot

I won't even go there on this one, that headmistress was so rude!

Douglas & Crooks completed the three day entertainment

Some of us were up early on Monday morning before breakfast just to
capture these pictures .......>
No group shot, if anyone has one please send it to me. Rob