Filming in Stoke Newington 
North East London
Bafta 2019 winning Film 'Beast'
3rd August 2016
Proud to be associated with the British Film 'Beast'
that dancers from Route 66 took part in
 winning a Bafta Award 10th February 2019

Our old friends The Diablos from Brighton have announced that Warner Brothers Music has bought the publishing rights to their self penned song East Coast Run. The Diablos and their song are being featured in the upcoming Warner Brothers Movie featuring Johnny Flynn and Jess Buckley (War and Peace). 

The movie company then approached Mike and Margaret to provide some 18 line dancers for a major scene in the movie when Johnny and Jessie's drunken characters meet in a country bar.

The movie is set in the Channel Islands but is being filmed in London. Working titles for the movie include The Beast and Animal Shadows but the final cut is due for release at the end of 2016. 

Thank you to all the Route 66 dancers who dropped everything to get to the movie set by coach the following day. We hope you enjoyed the movie experience.

Unfortunately photography wasn't allowed on set.

On our way with Mo, second 
left, being the BIG star in the film

On our way and soon to pass through the
Dartford Tunnel 

In the green room getting ready

All excited and ready to dance

Lovely food was provided for all.....

M & M with Johnny Flynn

Diablos with Jess Buckley & Johnny Flynn

It was a long day, not finishing until after 10pm 

Filming took place at the Mildmay Club